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In the face of intense rains in the extreme south of Bahia, at least 20 people died and 30,000 were left homeless. The effects of climate change are happening now and those affected are the least able to cope with its consequences.


Hundreds of indigenous communities were affected by the floods in the extreme south of Bahia. Indigenous communities find themselves overlooked and marginalized by government policies. Aldeia Boca da Mata in Porto Seguro is in a dire situation and isolated due to the floods.


The rains destroyed crops and food stocks. Access to clean water was interrupted for some people. The community has been hit by a severe flu virus crisis. And the roads are flooded, making access to indigenous communities difficult.

Faced with this calamity, the Young Ambassadors of Brazil are requesting donations to help Aldeia Boca da Mata.


We spoke with the chiefs and leaders in the region to find the best way to help them. From 3rd to 6th January YAP Brasil will go to Aldeia Beco da Mata to transport food, water and medicine. The team will have 3 doctors to assist the community and prescribe the necessary medications.

We ask for donations to purchase more food, water and medicines. We need to buy more: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Dipyrone, Prednisone, Buscopan, Saline 9%, Losartan, Diclofenac, Dexamethasone, Syrup of guaco, Dexchlorpheniramine, Loratadine, Prednisolone, Azithromycin, Azithromycin.

Donations can be transferred directly to the Associação das Mulheres Indígenas da Aldeia Beco da Mata account in Brazil or to our fundraising page aqui.  

Ag: 1647-0
Cc: 034.726-4
Name: Associação das Mulheres Indígenas da Aldeia Boca da Mata


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