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The project aims...  

My story


My name in Portuguese is Rosanir Martine da Silva. My name in Guarani is Ara Poty. I was born at home with the help of my Grandma. I am 23 years old and I live in Aldeia Rio Piraque-Açú, located in Aracruz in the state of Espírito Santo. I am indigenous of the Guarani Mbya ethnicity. I work with tourism and make indigenous handicrafts. My dream is for native peoples to be valued and respected.  


In my village, we always speak our language to preserve our culture. We smoke a pipe to scare away evil spirits. I always go to OPY'I, a house made of clay, where we enter to connect with the creator of earth and sky. At OPY'I, we dance, sing and talk to share what we think and the problems we face.


In 2015, we were hit by the dirt from the Mariana Dam rupture. Many were hit and had health problems. We can't fish. We cannot bathe with the children. We couldn't even plant. The elders say that the land is no longer suitable for planting. Tourism was weak in the region. We no longer receive visitors in our village. That's why we can't sell our crafts and the boats are stopped


The white man is destroying our territory and our way of life. We need help in this fight. We are mobilizing to be able to help outside the country. To be heard. So that we have equal rights to all. So that everyone can see our reality and vulnerability in the face of these large companies. I hope we can win with the help of everyone with a good heart. 

We are looking for partnerships

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